Intro pt2


Im broke as fuck so trying to keep it simple with dark jeans and tees/vnecks

I saw someone wearing my same nikes today and my god do they look plebian as fuck, need to get new shoes


I just ordered mt2, gonna get a light as fuck tan to bring out muscles and to hide skin imperfections


No idea, my /.fa/ friend says to do short on sides medium-long on top

Intro post

This blog will basically be my log of going from autismo to getting laid

In short im trying to become conventionally attractive as my genetics allow while approaching a lot of girls.

Im basically copying everything from this site

Specifically his approach anxiety program, which is what my problem is mainly.

My phones fucked but heres my most current pics

Face :
Body : (old pic cuz phone is fucked, around that level of mass/leanness right now 6’5 225lb currently

Gear : Cr using on 250mg for a while

Diet : I try to avoid grains and sugar as much as possible

Training : 3x a week dead/squat/upper, cardio in AM

Subject to change i train for fun mostly now